Nostos - from greek νόστος - harks back to Ulysses' long journey across the Aegan sea back to Ithaca. For us, the fact of travelling back is somewhat of an initiatory journey, in which the different paths somehow usher us towards what we truly are. It's a journey in which classical and contemporary plays, lands of birth and exile, are used both as scenarios and self-knowledge tools, as ways of getting familiar with other communities.


Nostos is a theatre company which was founded in Paris in 2014 by Italian stage director Paolo Taccardo and translator Paolo Bellomo. Round them orbit actors, stage designers, musicians, dancers, video-makers, all of them having different experiences, different trainings and coming from different countries. Depending on the projects they arrive and turn Nostos into the poetic place it is, opening up its frontiers further back. Nostos is a european research group that is committed to dramaturgy and the acting process. We evolve in different languages and develop an in-depth analysis on translating and the study of motion. 

In this process, the artist's expressive quest, making his way between different countries, realities and languages, builds on these much loved themes : the ritual nature of occidental dramaturgy, the mechanism of choir, sacrifice and scapegoat as major roots to writing and acting.

Nostos cooperates on a regular basis with the translating group "La Langue du bourricot" and with Le Théâtre de l'Usine d'Eragny-sur-Oise. The company takes part in different international artist residencies. In 2015, Ibsen's Hedda Gabler was staged. Antonio Moresco (together with "La langue du bourricot") and Jean-Luc Lagarce having been translated lately,  we're now preparing two shows, Duetto as the French translation has it and "Giusto la fine del mondo"- the Italian title. Also coming soon is a rewriting of Aeschylus' Persians, a three-language dramaturgical process that will raise some important questions on balance of power between languages.



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